Unable to chat with model - rasa chat function hangs in jupyter notebook

I am new to rasa and have created a new project and model using Jupyter notebook according to the rasa docs tutorial. When using the chat function, the console will just hang with [*] after 10 minutes.

I am a beginner with all of this so any help would be appreciated

@rishubm Hi! Is there any specific reason to develop the project using Jupiter Notebook?

Thanks for the reply @nik202 Iā€™m not using Jupyter Notebook for any particular reason related to the project Iā€™m working on but rather because Iā€™m more used to importing modules through Jupiter. I would be okay running rasa in a command prompt or shell but if I could get jupyter to work I would use it.

Do you have any suggestions for if I should use Jupiter or not for developing rasa projects? Once again Iā€™m new to this so any help would be appreciated

@rishubm Well, I would suggest stick on the natural process of rasa and whilst developing some new pipeline or model using custom actions then you can you back-end process like Jupiter.

This will give you more knowledge about how to create the intents, stories, response, some in-build actions etc etc. Even, you will be able to see the dialogue conversation of bot/user whilst seeing on rasa shell or integrating some front-end. Using JP can restrict you for doing out of the box approach. You will always search the code for every functions rasa is using.

It is my own perception, many can agree and many can dis-agree.

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Thanks a lot for the help @nik202 !

@rishubm Does this help you? If still you have any questions please feel free to asked Or please set this as a solution for others. :slight_smile:

@rishubm check this Rasa Free Course on Udemy https://www.udemy.com/course/rasa-for-beginners/ Good Luck!

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