Rasa Python Weather Chatbot

I want to share my own Medium post about building a chatbot on Rasa platform. Let me know what you think, I will be greatful for any feedback: https://medium.com/@martinnovk_22870/rasa-python-weather-chatbot-51fc218d346d

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Hello, I am new to Rasa Stack and using your example to get started. I have made it through your weather app tutorial until the part:

$ python bot.py run

Whenever I run this script the bot acts like its starting up, and then hangs indefinitely after the following message:

INFO rasa_nlu.components - Added ‘nlp_spacy’ to component cache. Key ‘nlp_spacy-en’.

Training the bot yields the expected models files, so I don’t think I messed up there. I have my files set up exactly like your tutorial except instead of the ‘ConsoleInputChannel()’ in bot.py I am using ‘[CmdlineInput()]’. Any insight on a solution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

SOLVED: I solved this issue. The run method in ‘bot.py’ should contain the following:

interpreter = NaturalLanguageInterpreter.create(“models/nlu/default/current”) agent = Agent.load(“models/dialogue”, interpreter=interpreter) rasa_core.run.serve_application(agent,channel=‘cmdline’)