Typology question

Hello, I have this scenario :

user : I can't pay with my mastercard on your site !! 
     intent = payment refused 
     entities = payment_tool:mastercard
agent : is there an error message on the screen ? 
     slots : {payment_tool:mastercard} 
     policy : {ask for missing slots}

user : Nope, nothing 
    intent : payment refused, no
agent : you can try with paypal, it's safer
    slots : { tool : mastercard; error_message: no }
    policy : {offer alternative}

user : I don't want to pay with Paypal !! 
    intent : payment refused, alternative refused
    entities : ??? 
agent : OK, I understand, I invite you to try again later then. 
     slots : {tool: mastercard, error_message : no, paypal:refused} 
    policy {accept, suggest to} 

My question is : how do you ‘tag’ in the intents and in the response utterances, the entities : paypal refused and try again later ?


As mentioned here, you can use something like - intent{"entity1": "value", "entity2": "value"} to have entities featurized as part of your stories.

Hello, thanks. But do you agree that entity and slot are two different objects even though sometimes they have the same form ?