Failed to parse intent end entities

I used entity ,slot for make a action over user input of pincode but I’m getting this error

my domain.yml and file domain.yml (25.1 KB) (4.0 KB)

I’m still getting this error Can anybody solve it

Hi there @Saurbh060, how is your stories file, does it have the slot filling line?(slot{"pincode" : "SOMETHING"}) (6.5 KB) yes it has but even after this I’m not getting what I want

domain, actions and stories seems to be ok. By reading the error again I noticed it claims to have found a intent with name ’ '(empty) which is not declared in domain. According to the log, that intent is in line 112 of, I guess, the NLU file. See if there is maybe a formatting error in that line, or directly before/after it.

@Saurbh060 I Found it:


Stories’ line 112, has a empty declaration(*). I think that is the error. Just delete it and give it a go.

@devdeca, thanks

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