Kubernetes and Helm support for self-service Bot


(Michele Mastrogiovanni) #1

Hi everybody. I approached Rasa only some weeks ago but I already love it!!!

Since I know Kubernetes and its packager Helm I’m working on a simple chart that will make possible to deploy on a cluster a simple chatbot given a github repository for nlu, stories and custom actions.

I already developed a chart that, when installed in the Kubernetes cluster, download stories, actions and nlu and use them to train a Rasa model.

In past I also developed simple Bot for Telegram using BotKit.

The idea would be to have a out-of-the-box Rasa chart to create and deploy self-service Bots.

I’m just wondering:

  1. if this contribution can be a good idea and
  2. to look if some is interested in the creation of the bot (nodeJS with BotKit and Rasa interaction)

Let me know if some is interested. Bye