Kubernetes and Helm support for self-service Bot

Hi everybody. I approached Rasa only some weeks ago but I already love it!!!

Since I know Kubernetes and its packager Helm I’m working on a simple chart that will make possible to deploy on a cluster a simple chatbot given a github repository for nlu, stories and custom actions.

I already developed a chart that, when installed in the Kubernetes cluster, download stories, actions and nlu and use them to train a Rasa model.

In past I also developed simple Bot for Telegram using BotKit.

The idea would be to have a out-of-the-box Rasa chart to create and deploy self-service Bots.

I’m just wondering:

  1. if this contribution can be a good idea and
  2. to look if some is interested in the creation of the bot (nodeJS with BotKit and Rasa interaction)

Let me know if some is interested. Bye


Hey @mastrogiovanni. That sounds really cool! Would be awesome if you decided to share it with the community and maybe write a post about it! I know that there are people in our community running Rasa on Kubernetes and I am sure they would find it intersting :slight_smile:

@mastrogiovanni Can you please share the steps for RASA deployment on Kubernetes?

Continuing the discussion from Kubernetes and Helm support for self-service Bot:

Hi, I produced helm chart for Rasa, before its refactoring of the repository. I’m not sure that now the resources are correct. As inspiration you could see: GitHub - mastrogiovanni/k8s-rasa-bot: Kubernetes extension for Rasa-based Telegram Bots

not much discussion after that. is it working? anyone uses this?