Twilio cant find RasaX 404 - Twilio 11200

I am trying to connect Rasa X to twilio. I setup RasaX with the one line deploy script on GCP.

I followed Karen White’s Setup guide: The Complete Guide To Deploying Your Rasa Assistant

I followed Kasey Byrne’s guide to connect twilio to Rasa: Connecting a Rasa Assistant to Twilio

I also followed the docs to connect Rasa and Twilio: Twilio

I am getting a 404 when trying to contact my server and Twilio Error 11200:

There was a failure attempting to retrieve the contents of this URL. An 11200 error is an indicator of a connection failure between Twilio and your service. When Twilio requests a page from your server, we wait a maximum of 15 seconds for a response. A connection failure will occur if no response is returned in that time.

The only thing I’m not sure I setup correctly was this in my credentials.yml

rasa: url: “

I tried to run this command in my terminal:

curl -g -X POST --url --header “Content-Type:application/json” --data ‘{“message”:“hello”}’ Error: Requested URL /webhooks/twilio/webhook not found(rasa)

If someone could help me understand why I am getting a 404, I would appreciate it.

Hi there,

Looks like you havean’t added twilio credentials.

You should get the credentials required here.

Then add them the same way Karen added the facebook credentials:

export ADDITIONAL_CHANNEL_CREDENTIALS='twilio.account_sid="ACbc2dxxxxxxxxxxxx19d54bdcd6e41186",twilio.auth_token="e231c197493a7122d475b4xxxxxxxxxx",twilo.twilio_number="+440123456789"'
# -E flag applies environment variables from the current user for `sudo`
curl -s | sudo -E bash

The related documentation can be found here.

@erohmensing thank you!! I also found out I was having issues with Rasa X 0.33 and had to downgrade to 0.32. Thanks again for your help!