Rasa twilio not working


I downloaded rasa restaurant bot example from GitHub and trying to integrate with Twilio. I am following the below steps:

  1. Credentials.yml file twilio: account_sid: “ACbc2dxxxxxxxxxxxx19d54bdcd6e41186” auth_token: “e231c197493a7122d475b4xxxxxxxxxx” twilio_number: “+440123456789”
  2. python -m rasa_core.run -d models/dialogue -u models/nlu/current –port 5002 --credentials credentials.yml

I am using ngrok and gave webhook URL in Twilio. when I run rasa core I am getting credentials are required to create a TwilioClient. is there anything I need to add in the configuration?

Hm, this is strange, and doesn’t look like it’s coming from rasa, but likely from the TwilioClient. Can you post the full traceback? Also, which version of Core are you running?