Adding new training data (new intent to existing model)

HI All, I saw RASA HTTP API to add training data, in that we provide config, domain, common occurrences, intents info etc. However i was wondering, if lets say i have already a training data defined with proper config and domain, if i just want to add a new intent with its examples and its associated entities, is there any method for this? If not if i provide the new example and dont provide the additional details, will my model be overridden when trained or will it be appended?

hi @surajhes - are you talking about the Rasa X API?

If you are talking about the Rasa http API (not X) then you always have to post all your training data to /train if you want to train a model

Thanks Alan, Whats the best way to send data which had entities as well in training data? Should it be in Markdown format or in json string format?

hi @surajhes did u finad a way for this