Train specific message to specific intent

Hi, I know how to load json file for training. My question is if we can train via specific Python call a sentence to specific intent? Or is there any way to load the training data directly from DB instead of converting it to json file as preliminary state?

If yes please share the example.

Thank you Moshe

Just create a story file with the specific intent and its default method. e.g>

* ask_something_specific
  - utter_ask_something_specific

and in the domain file, just put both of them there

  - ask_something_specific

  - utter_ask_something_specific

  - utter_ask_something_specific
    - text: "answer something"

Just create ^ file by writing a script that reads the answers from the db and then format it and save it to the domain file.

Hi @lahsuk, I understand that I can write and read the file however I thought there is other way to load training data rather than a file. From your answer I understand that there isn’t such an option.

Regards, Moshe