Add new training data consisting of intents and entities

HI So i have a Training set with intents and entities already in place. However, if i want to add a new intent to this, is there a way where i can only provide the new intent data to the already existing data? I saw the training HTTP Api, but for this we need to provide the whole of training information, such as domain,stories,config etc. If i want to just specify new intent with some entities, how can i do this?


There is always the option to load the md file into a python script, parse it, extend it, and then save it in the same name, overwriting the old version with the new one.

Thanks Gabor for the quick response. But is there a way where instead of doing that way?

Every way involves doing this in some form, even GUIs do pretty much that, except you don’t see that that’s what is happening under the hood.

The principle is this: the training data needs to be in the file. To extend a file, first the file needs to be loaded. Then the content of the file can be extended. Then this extended content can be saved. There is no other way.