Tracking User_id from GET request

Hi guys! So I have created a bot for my web app and uploaded it on AWS so that my web app can send a GET request and get the response from the rasa_core. But for a specific user i need to pass an in in the GET request. like :‘who is online today?’

So i want to track this 27 in my action file so that i can make an api call using this id as a parameter.


IF you can suggest a way that I can get the user_id in the start of conversation when my user opens the bot widget. I tried to set as user_id = tracker.get_slot(‘recipient_id’) but this doesn’t work! Any help is appreciated. I’m stuck on this issue for 2 days!

tracker.sender_id should do the trick

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Since tracker is a class object, use this method in actions.


The sender_id provides the id…How to get the sender name ?