Fetching user_id from GET request!

So guys I have uploaded a bot in AWS and making calls from postman. so i’m passing


and i’m getting a response from the core as:

[ { “recipient_id”: “27”, “text”: “Hi! How can I help you?” } ]

Now How can I track this recipient_id in my action.py file as I want to include this in my API call and fetch data from my db. So i need this id saved and pass as a parameter in my API call.

You are generating the receipt_id right? Pass it on in your functions and use it for your API.

see the user_id in post request! it’s 27 right! I can change it anyway i want it’s just the user_id!

so how can i store it in a slot?

You can use SlotSet.

SlotSet("slot_name", receipt_id)