Tracker.sender_id error

i am trying to get the username of person who pinged robot on slack using tracker.sender_id as argument in user_info but tracker.sender_id is printing “default” no matter from where i ping the bot i tried to debug and i was able to see the user id in the debug mode, but still when printing on console it gives “Default”. could you please help why am i getting this error?

Hi @kapadiataha007, what channel are you using? If this is via the command line, then the sender id will always be default

Hey!! I’m also getting the same issue where I’m hitting the API using the postman/python but still getting “default” in tracker.send_id()

RASA version: Rasa Version : 2.8.5 Minimum Compatible Version: 2.8.0 Rasa SDK Version : 2.8.2