Inconsistent sender_id between dispatcher and tracker in Custom Actions

I noticed a possible discrepancy between dispatcher.sender_id and tracker.sender_id in my Rasa custom actions.

I notice that in the run(dispatcher, tracker, domain) method of my custom rasa_core.actions.Action classes, it is the case that dispatcher.sender_id==tracker.sender_id. This is expected.

However, this equality does not appear to hold in the submit(dispatcher, tracker, domain) of my rasa_core.actions.forms.FormAction classes. Here, dispatcher.sender_id is the sender_id I passed to my agent.handle_message() function. However, tracker.sender_id=="default".

Is this behavior intended? Or perhaps it has been fixed in a later version (I am quite behind, rasa_core==0.10.4). Thank you for your help!

Hey @TomLaMantia. I haven’t seen this behaviour with the later versions of the Rasa Core, but if you upgrade and notice the same behaviour, feel free to raise this once again.

Okay, thanks @Juste