Timeout in forms

Hi all,

I have a form, which calls an external service. This service may take a while (i.e. ~8-10 seconds). As a result, most of the time I get a timeout in “rasa shell”, and then no response.

Is there a way to change the timeout used by rasa to the endpoint servicing the form?

The error I get on the “rasa shell” is:

asyncio - Task exception was never retrieved

Google finds a relevant (but closed) issue:

hi @petasis ! this is set as a constant here rasa/constants.py at 1.10.x · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

so you can override it if you want to.

Hi, thank you very much for your reply!

The problem is that this timeout is not respected. I get a timeout ~15 seconds. And the timeout is 5 minutes. So, changing (increasing it), has no effect.

The problem (thankfully) happens only with rasa shell. With rasa run, it works as expected. But my rasa shell is now unusable.

Hi @petasis. Did u solve this issue in rasa shell?

I don’t know yet. I am waiting for a fix to rasa 2.0 to make my forms work again. Right now my test suit does not run.