This script does not work on Python 3.5

I’m stuck on step 2 of the Docker Compose Install Scritp. When I run: sudo bash ./ , I get:

ERROR: This script does not work on Python 3.5 The minimum supported Python version is 3.6. Please use instead.

I installed Python3.7 how ever when I run python3 --version I get the output python3.5.2

I’m running on a google cloud VM instance. Anyone can help? Please?

I was getting the same error on AWS.

It was coming from this line in

sudo python3

I installed a newer version of python and I still got the same error. The reason was that “sudo” was running the system default version of python. More on that here:

To fix it I had to move from Ubuntu 18 to 20. Ubuntu 20 default is Python 3.8.