Installation error: Rasa X Docker compose quick install

While trying to install Rasa X using docker compose by following the docs here : Docker-Compose Quick Install I ended up with an error:: fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “Could not import python modules: apt, apt_pkg. Please install python3-apt package.”}

Which container is reporting this error?

Can you attach the logfile output? You can do this with docker-compose logs.

The installation fails miserably without even installing docker-compose. So I cant find log files. rsz_1screenshot_from_2020-03-14_08-50-29

Yes, I’ve had this issue in the past. As stated in my response to your other post, I had OS level Python issues which I resolved by setting up conda but you can also use venv.

You can also find the above issue reported by other ansible users. I was able to sometimes clear the problem by removing temporary directories used by ansible but this was never reliable whereas conda has solved this issue for me.

@paulrajan97 have you managed to resolve your issues?


Did you try what Greg suggested above? And which OS are you using?