Teaching / Educational Assistant

I am wondering about how to setup a framework in my university, so that not so tech-savvy users can start building specific chatbots to their domain / faculty. Their needs to be a review process, because the idea is to have groups of students develop stories, which can be reviewed, tested and published by staff. And then optimized by training with other / same students.

Do you know about any similar projects using rasa, because it looks like the right tool for the job. I am just wondering if something like this has been done already and how to get started.

I already realized it is not an two-step-solution, but a more complex path to get a lot of people involved. I just think that an university (mostly populated by future teachers in my case) is a great place to get people involved, who wouldn’t consider themselves developers, but are curious enough to get into explaining things to a bot :slight_smile:

What do you think about this? Any Recommendations on how to start…

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If you can install Rasa X on a server first, might that suffice? That should allow your students to log in and start labelling.

There are two video tutorials that might help:

  • Installing Rasa X locally and sharing an assistant here.
  • Installing Rasa X on Digital Ocean here