Talk to your bot - utterance actions not appearing after one-line deploy

Hi all, hoping someone can help me out.

I just did a fresh one-line deploy on a new GCP compute engine instance: Rasa 1.10.0 and Rasa-x 0.28.3.

Talk to your bot does not properly respond with utterances.

My issue sounds similar to this thread, except I’m using the one-line deploy into a Kubernetes cluster instead of docker-compose. In the Pod logs I don’t see any errors about missing dependencies. The NLU Inbox reports the intent as predicted correctly, but an utterance action is not triggered.

My code:

### data/
## test_message
* test_message
  - utter_test_message

### domain.yml
  - test_message
    - text: This is a bot made on Rasa.
  - utter_test_message

Any help would be appreciated!

Turns out the requests were being blocked by my own ad blocking extension, uBlock Origin, in Chrome.

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