"Talk to your bot" in the RASA Web UI is showing lot of previous chat

“Talk to your bot” in the RASA Web UI is showing lot of previous chat.

How to get rid of previous history (reset)

Hi @msaraf1 this is your whole conversation history with the bot, you can start new conversations with the /restart button - but the history will still be visible.

Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway to get rid the history of previous chat? It looks very odd especially when we restart the session.

As of now, no. Can I ask why you’d want to get rid of the whole history? The new conversation is separated by a “restart” event. You can also use the “share your bot” link in incognito mode if you want a new session every time.

Hi, If I may add my voice to this, in my point of view there are good reasons to allow deleting the history, or create a function that automatically scrolls to the bottom on load. A typical bot takes a few weeks and a lot of conversations to develop and debug, and the further you get the more scrolling you have to do just to test the latest changes. Additionally the topics you debug generally change as you move along in development, the history is more of a hindrance than help in some cases.

I believe a function “delete history” in addition to the “reset/restart” would alleviate this and is probably not too hard to do.

Let me know what you think!

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With the new version of Rasa X you get a fresh conversation every time now. But it doesn’t persist the conversation you’ve had at all - is that a better solution for you? Or would you still like to see your conversation history somewhere?


I tested the user conversation link in chorme (+/- cognito mode). But I found previous history every time whenever I refresh it.

Once I transfer conversation history to interactive mode, It was very difficult for me to make correction on conversation. The response of chatbot became very slow. And sometime I saw the duplication of few dialogues (like I am fine, I am fine) or randomly change in sequence of exchange of dialogues.

Here is detail

Docker version: Docker version 18.09.2, build 6247962

Python version: Python 3.6.9

RASA version : Rasa 1.3.6

Host operating system: Windows 10