Chat history cannot be cleared

Hi everyone, Even after refreshing the web-page or restarting the RASA server the older conversation is there in the chat-bot. I tried session_persistence: false in the credentials.yml, but still that doesn’t make any difference. Thank you so much in advance for anyone who help.

Hi @technophile_2507,

Are you using GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat: A chat widget easy to connect to chatbot platforms such as Rasa Core as your webchat widget?

This is probably happening because of have storage set to local. You may want to change it to session.

See more info over here: Session Persistence



I figured it out. But you are right and thank you so much for your response. Thanks a lot @custodio

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Hi @technophile_2507, Did u figured it out? Can you help me how we can clear the chat history in RASA X server.

But how to clear.Can you give me steps to do that.

how you figured out?

If you want to delete the conversation from rasa x you can use this api(Rasa X >= 0.26.0):


You can get the api token from models > upload model (button, top right)

@Nbq22019 Does this answer to your question or do you just want to clear the web chat window? You can just clear browser cookies to do that.

@k1m How can we clear conversation history in rasa core backend upon page refresh or chat ‘/restart’

Hi Neha, First of all apologies for the late response. I was using rasa web chat widget. This widget has an index.html file, inorder clear the previous chat you just need to assign the value of storage : “session”. I am attaching the screenshot below


Thank you @technophile_2507, it helped me.