Strict story rasa

Hello. I am currently working with Rasa Open Source. I have 2 strict stories which my chat bot should follow. The stories are long 15-18 intent/action/form composition. So, the problem is I could not make rasa to follow these stories strictly. I tried to use Memoization policy and Rule policy (I have several rules too, like greeting, iambot challenge, show services etc.) As I understand in order to make rasa follow strictly the story is to make --augmentation 0 while training the model. However, the core still could predict the next action in same order I wrote it in the story. After beginning of the story it just goes to default_fallback_action. Can you help me, please, if I understood something wrong with the policies.

@qasimovelmin, you can simply run rasa interactive, this way you’ll guide and teach your bot which intents your inputs are about and how your assistant should handle. If you do not want to do this by terminal, you can run rasa X. Hope it helps :smiley: . That’s a easier way than writing in stories.yml…

@qasimovelmin this blogpost might help explain how different mechanisms in Rasa can enforce a different policy for dialogue handling.