Story isn't being followed

I have included a screenshot of my stories, a conversation with the bot, and my config file . It seems whenever I follow any story, I can write any letter of the alphabet and the bot will give me the next letter in the alphabet, regardless of context.

Another example, which I didn’t include a screenshot of, is when I started the bot and wrote ‘m’. The bot responded with ‘n’ without regard for context. How was it able to jump to uttering n? I thought rasa needed to follow one of the stories.

Could you share your file as well?

What’s happening here, I think, is that the MemoizationPolicy is kicking in, as per the docs:

The MemoizationPolicy just memorizes the conversations in your training data. It predicts the next action with confidence 1.0 if this exact conversation exists in the training data, otherwise it predicts None with confidence 0.0 .

I still don’t understand how it is skipping, shouldn’t it follow one of the stories?