Story is in inverted order when requesting it through HTTP api

Good morning all,

When requesting a story at the same time as the chatbot interaction is occuring, using code:

bash-4.2$ curl http://localhost:5005/conversations/88/story

I get the following output, which is in the inversed order in which the conversation happened.

## 88
    - utter_welcome
    - slot{"feedback_value": "positive"}
    - slot{"feedback_value": "positive"}
* feedback: /feedback[{"feedback_value":"positive"}](feedback_value:positive)
    - utter_ask_feedback
    - action_faqs
* ask_faq_search: /ask_faq_search
    - utter_welcome
* welcome: /welcome

Has this happened to anyone? Any ideas of how to fix it?

Solution found! There were errors in the file. I had added stories in the same format as they appear when requested via http api.

I had to change ‘* welcome: /welcome’ to ‘* welcome’ and now the stories are in the right order.