Story files

Hi guys! So this is a general question on rasa dialogue training.

  1. How story blocks get trained?
  2. Should I create shorter stories or longer stories.
  3. How should I train story to be more accurate
  4. Is there a way to make permutations for story files without adding all possible conversation scenarios
  5. Please give me a brief idea about how story block works! Like what’s the flow?
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Hey @Akshit you can read this blog by @souvikg10, it might answer some of your questions :



Hey! Thanks Hey do you have a guide for formpolicy. I tried to run formbot but it didn’t run correctly. Is there an example that you can refer or maybe a bot that you have made? @JiteshGaikwad

hey @Akshit, i haven’t worked on Formbot yet but i can help you with an example, you can get it here :


I’ll take a look thanks!

formbot works fine what issue you are facing pls explain maybe we can help with that!

So i tried to say “I want to book a restaurant” and it asked for cuisine and then people. but at people something went wrong and after that everything i added went to sorry i dont understand.

I trained a new model just to be sure and still same issue occured.

Is there some other example than restaurant bot? Let’s book something other than food :stuck_out_tongue:

yes in case of responses i can say it is very unstable but that is a simple example for understanding basic working for form-action for full fledged example follow sara bot i.e rasa demo

Here you can find form-actions and many different things

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Oh okay ! Thanks! Hey can you help me with one thing. I have a question like

Q. How is Akshit doing?

and in custom action I’m supposed to call multiple API’s and get information on the name. but I need to pass an id as a parameter in my api call. How can I save a name and a corresponding id in my lookup table. Also I have added names in a lookup table is there any better method?

I’m also calling an Api and getting the names of existing users. So how should i save these values in my lookup table

umm, sorry i have no exp with lookup tables as of now!. But as far i have understood, You need to query your api when user types his name. In that case you will be needing names to be extracted and in case of id you will either have to set it using your code instead of asking it from the user. So that you can feed to your api.

Okay Thanks for your help :slight_smile: :smile: