Stories or conditional response variations?

Hi! Currently I’m implementing some contextual conversations with entities and slots but I’m not quite sure which approach should I use. I have two intents what_is and how_it_works about some products that look like this:

- intent: what_is
  examples: |
    - what is a [ipod](product)?
    - what is that?
    - what is a [bluetooth speaker](product)?

- intent: how_it_works
  examples: |
    - how can i use my [ipod](product)?
    - how it works
    - how can i turn on my [bluetooth speaker](product)?

Currently, I’m using the product entity and slot with some stories to produce some contextual conversations like:

 - user: What is a bluetooth speaker?
 - bot: It is a wireless speaker
 - user: how it works?
 - bot: You must pair ...
 - user: how it works?
 - bot: About which product would you like to know how it works?
 - user: a bluetooth speaker
 - bot: You must pair ...

The problem is that for each product I have to create different stories variations to represent all different situations, so I thought that maybe conditional response variations can make this task easier. Are they the best approach? Then I would create a utter_product_description with all different responses of product descriptions based on the value of the product slot.

I’m not quite sure which would be the best way. Maybe I could also use forms?

Any ideas?