Is there any way of deactivate stories?

I am developing a tour with 360º images where the user can ask rasa info about the different places he visits. I have 3 main locations (A,B,C for example) and maybe the user wants to know about, for example, what is the capacity of the place he is, rasa should know where he is and answer.

If the user is in place B, rasa should only respond with stories from place B. The idea I had was using actions to define slots (then I have slot A, B and C) but then I have to check in every story the slot the user is in and sometimes it doesn’t work or rasa mistakes stories (I have similar questions for each place and sometimes the user triggers story from place A instead of B).


Is there any way of doing it simpler? Can I deactivate stories from place A and C when I in slot B so that rasa doesnt confuse itself?

And another question, I only use questions that have one iteration (the user answer and the bot responds), is it better to use rules or stories? Rules are simpler and easier to implement but I read that it is not a good idea to overuse them (and I have like 80 questions I need to add).

Thank you in advance.

This is quite an interesting use case! Are all of the stories about A, B, and C, very short, question/answer pairs?

Yes! I finally decided to create rules for questions that only relate to one place (making the place slot the condition) and using stories (like the image) for questions that repeat themself in two or more places.

Cool, looks like you already found a good solution! As an aside, I think that this might also be an opportunity to try out conditional response variations. You’ll have to be a bit careful, specifically using the variations only when the next predictions don’t depend on which of the variations was used. So you could have:

    - condition:
        - type: slot
          name: place
          value: A
      text: "Hey, welcome to place A!"
    - condition:
        - type: slot
          name: place
          value: B
      text: "Greetings, you made it to place B!"

This is a good place to use the variations, because both variations have the same underlying meaning (a greeting), and the rest of the story doesn’t depend on which greeting was used.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Oh yes! I use conditions with stories but I forgot to mention it in the previous answer. Thank you so much for the advice, I no longer have questions :grinning:

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