Stories missing on rasa example knowledgebasebot


I might do something wrong, but just to make sure if someone face a similar issues. I’m trying a couple of examples from github. It’s show an error when executing rasa train

No training data given. Please provide stories and NLU data in order to train a Rasa model using the '--data' argument.

Seems there’s no stories.yml there. Is it a cause? Am i missing something obvious?


I assume you are using the current master branch to get the knowledgebasebot example but you are using Rasa 1.10.x? We are currently working on Rasa 2.0 and due to that we are changing the training data format to yaml. The example is already modified, so it uses the new training data format. Rasa 1.10.x is not able to read this kind of data format so it will not find any data. You should be able to use the example from rasa/examples/knowledgebasebot at 1.10.x · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub.

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Thanks, it really helped.