(Fahrettin) #1

https://github.com/RasaHQ/rasa_core/tree/master/examples docs files has been removed. they were useful files, i think they should be visible again?

(Alan Nichol) #2

what has been removed? the link you posted still works

(Fahrettin) #3

Hello Alan, Documentation can be found here. (this link is missing)

moodbot: Simple getting started example

Getting started example. It is a simple example showcasing the creation of a bot for facebook (or for any other channel for that matter). Documentation can be found here.

restaurantbot: Restaurant suggestion example

Highlights advanced features, like a custom policy as well as custom action code. It is an example of supervised learning with stories, and includes a NLU model. Based on the bAbI and DSTC datasets. Documentation can be found here.

concertbot: Interactive learning example

Create stories using interactive learning. Does not contain NLU training data, hence uses a simple regex interpreter to parse user messages. Documentation can be found here.