Store an image in a Slot?

Hello everyone

¿It is possible to store an image provided by the user into a Slot or any other RASA object? ¿And then, use a custom action to store it in a DB?

¿Has anyone done that?

thanks in advance

Hi @wvalverde67,

I suppose you could base64 encode the image and store that as a byte string in the slot. What’s the use case here?

hello @kearnsw

The use case: The user has to inform the bot about a document and he or she would like to upload an image of the document (as evidence of a certain transaction).


I’m interested in this. Did you find a way to store image provided by user in a slot?

Hello, Currently I am working with this problem. Have you find out how to store image in a slot and then send to the database (e.g. MySQL)?