Attachments in a slot?

Hi there! i am building a chatbot integrated with rocketchat, and one of its major functions is to send emails.

Now i am wondering if there is a way to send attachments using a rasa based chatbot. I need to somehow take my attachment to my email code, but first it is uploaded to my rocketchat database. Do i need to extract it from there? if so, how do i do it?

How do i store files in rasa just like storing values in a slot?

Is this doable is rasa? @akelad @Juste @souvikg10 @tmbo

Guys? just a yes or no?

I don’t know rockerchat. But if you want to put a binary file in a slot i would imagine you can store as a base64 encoded string you will need a second slot to store the filename or put the filename and base64 encoded string as json in a single slot.

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Well it’s stored in your database right? so you can then send a request from a custom action to send an email

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hey @akelad. That can be done… but how will i make my bot aware that a file has been uploaded, and it should start performing actions? Moreover i need to extract the files and manipulate/validate it just like validating slot values. I guess its difficult to be done without a proper demo. Anyway, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yeah this is a little more difficult. Rasa can’t really handle file uploads right now