How to store user picture in databse

The bot will ask for the picture and I want to store the picture send by user to any database. How can I create a form for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

hi @Arindam ! Your bot will have to run on a channel that supports image uploads. Where will users be talking to this bot?

Any type of social platform like FB/ Whatapp etc. But what will be form action?

well you could create a form with a single required slot (maybe photo_name or something). But I don’t think you really need a form for this (since it’s just one question). Forms in Rasa are typically used when you have to ask the user for multiple pieces of information in a row. I think the more challenging part is handling the photo upload.

  1. on facebook messenger, you can check their docs to see what the JSON payload looks like when you receive a message with a photo in it. And if you look at the facebook channel implementation, you can see in there how the data is processed.
  2. on whatsapp, I’m not even sure there is much documentation? but the process would be similar.

Probably the best way to do this woudl be to map the photo upload to a specifc intent (maybe photo_upload), and then you can write a rule that maps this intent to a custom action which saves the photo to a database.

Thank you very much. Actually I got a project from a client, flow is very simple but some complexities are there. Picture one is solved, but can you please tell me how can I send reminder for unique users? I have got through Reaching Out to the User this link, but how can I apply to this with my project, I have not find a way. I have attached the flow file, if possible please guide me.Script Guide.pdf (56.5 KB)

hey can you please explain or provide with a code snippet to how you uploaded the image to database using the bot?