Start/move to a story within a story

Hi all!

Is it possible to start/move to a story within a story. An example: In story1 a user is asked, if he wants to know more about something. This something is story2, that I want to start (the whole story2). How can I do that? I suppose by creating some kind of action. But I didn’t find anything in the docs that helped me.



You don’t define the stories to be used, you create stories to teach the AI how to handle the dialog.

So to accomplish it, you just need to create a story_3 that’s story_1 + story_2 and re-train your model.

Thank you for your response. I have two comments on it:

  1. There is a checkpoint-option in stories, that allows to “jump” to other stories. So it is actually possible to do that. But Rasa says to use checkpoints carefully, if at all. So I am hesitating to use it and asking for a better way.

  2. If the only way to combine stories would be copying the same story again and again, that would be insane! It would blow up the files in Rasa a lot and be just the opposite of the DRY-paradigm, that is like a law in all programming languages I ever heard. DRY: Don’t repeat yourself. I you use a piece of code again and again, put it in a function/class/whatever. But don’t repeat it. Never!



  1. That’s why the AI can handle to deduce where to go.

  2. You don’t have to put all permutations, just enough to AI learn and deduce what to respond next.