I have a bot , and connected to Telegram . when I run the bot ,telegram print /start (with slash) and my bot is responding by action_default_fallback and give action_default respond I have an intent_start it contain (start and /start) so when I send start it responding utter_intent_start but /strat with slash responds action_default

Hey @majeed1

Sorry, I didn’t get in. Could you please explain what the problem you’re facing is?

I have a bot in Arabic language

in file ##intent: start_chat

  • /start
  • start

in domain file : in responses:

  • action_hello_user: “مرحبا” #it means hi
  • action_default: " عذرا "

in *start_chat

  • action_hello_user

so after I train and run the bot if I enter as user ( start ) the bot is responding by action_hello_user as the story that I create

the problem is when I enter ( /start ) with slash punctuation ,the bot responding by action_default because I have action_default_fallback in actions

hey @majeed1

Sorry, I still don’t understand problem/expectation.

One thing though: you don’t need to add /start as as example in your file. Everything that starts with / is an action by definition.

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Yes, I figured out that Thanks @degiz