Start Conversation via HTTP API

I have want to interface with my bot via the the HTTP API, and to start, I just want to initiate a conversation via the API. How do I go about this? I am using Rasa 2, and I could have sworn that this was documented prior to Rasa 2, so I am wondering if things have changed.

Right now, my need is via the API and not Rasa X.

by default, REST is enabled in the endpoints.yml

you can hit your REST endpoint - Your Own Website

If you enable api when starting your server, maybe this is the endpoint you need

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I might be missing something, but doesn’t that endpoint allow us to add intents to our bot? I want to send a message from a server that simply represents the user’s message and perhaps a conversation ID (something that I track on my end).

For example, I don’t know what endpoint to hit if I want to send a message “Help me” from user 123 and conversation id abc29873420.

And yes, I have enabled the api via endpoints.yml.

Thanks for your help.

If you simply want to have conversation with your website and the rest endpoint

/webhooks/rasa/webhook is the endpoint. follow the first link. I think this is by default enabled

Thanks, so I guess the answer is that the documentation for /webhooks/ are missing from this page?

I would have expected an entry on the API spec if that was the case.

To your point, its documented here, but feels like it should also be included in the API spec, no?

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Hello, I am new to the community. I am interested in enabling some of my non player characters in a virtual world talk to a conversation engine via an http API. Can anyone help me find the right starting point? @souvikg10 Do you know where the first link is? I am trying to find it. I usually learn best from a simple example. Is there any simple chatbot example that uses the http API available? I could explore it and then grow my knowledge from there.