SSH url for git repo validation field too strict

When I try to connect rasa-x to my rasa-open-source git repository, which is hosted on gitolite, I get an eror message telling me to type in a valid SSH url. This prevents me from connecting.

The problem is, my SSH url is indeed valid. It works on versions of rasa-x <= 0.29.x. The pattern of my repo SSH url looks like git@xxx-xxx:xxx-xxx where the 'xxx’s are all just strings of a-z characters.

There is no issue when connecting to the git repo on older versions of rasa-x, but because of the validation issues, I can’t connect to git on newer versions.

@plurn Can you create an issue for this, so we can get this fixed for you?

Thanks for raising the issue @plurn, the problem seems to be coming from the validation logic on our end. We’ll make sure to patch it in the next release.

It would be great if you can create an issue on GitHub as @tyd suggested above so we can keep track of the progress.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll open an issue on GitHub.

I would’ve done it earlier, but wasn’t sure if that was the right place to go for Rasa-X issues.

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