Specify ONE response per intent

When the bot gets an intent, it runs it through the model and the model returns the action or utter that it predicted. There are a list of actions and utters that it takes into consideration when it makes that prediction.

Is there a way, out side of a lot of training examples and using the memoization policy, to set my bot to ALWAYS take a certain action when it gets an intent.

For example if the Rasa NLU predicts the intent to be “say_goodbye” , I want the bot the always with a 1.0 prediction take the action “action_goodbye”. Is there a way to program this, only for this specific intent.

Or is the answer do this inside of my training data, and the only thing that every comes after “say_goodbye” intent is to train it with the action “action_goodbye” ?

I’ve had this on some bots I built. Usually when you ask a simple question you always expect the same simple answer regardless of where you are in the conversation. But as far as I know, outside of just using the intent/action pair a lot in the training data stories and hope it gets memorized, there’s no way to do that.