Handle Single intent for Multiple actions

I need a help in handling Single intent is for Multiple actions.


Do you married 
Yes (intent)
Do you have children
Yes (Intent)
Do you have car
Yes (  intent)
Are you a head of the house hold
Yes ( Intnet)

In the above example Intent " Yes " is answer from the user for multiple actions. The above questions are in sequence.

The problem here is after answering “Yes” to question 3 ( Do you have car) again chat bot is asking the first question. It’s never ending.

Can you please provide any suggestions to overcome/handle the above problem

Are you using the Memoization Policy?

Ideally you should have a full story regarding your entire scenario

I suppose your story looks like an insurance questionnaire , make sure all the steps are covered in the story

* ask_for_insurance
- utter_check_married
* yes (assuming you have a payload here coming from a button)
- utter_check_have_child
* yes
- utter_check_car
* yes
- utter_check_household_owner
* yes
- do_next

Your entire story should be in the training data so it creates an exact blueprint of what an ideal scenario looks like

Agent predicts next action when the confidence for next action between Memoization(confidence either 1 or 0), ML policy(between 0 and 1) and makes the max out of all policies. whichever wins is your next action.

so your ideal scenario should always be there in your training data just that you achieve the next action using Memoization because then the predict is going to be the highest also most accurate.

Thank you for your quick response and suggestion. I included the memorization policy and its working as expected.

@souvikg10 What happen when user is saying “yes” before “ask_for_insurance” . How to handle it and return default fallback. I stucked in same scenario .