Specify flags for Rasa X in Server Mode (Custom domain folder)


I split up my domain.yml file into multiple files in a folder called domain. So, on a local installation, I would use rasa train --domain domain and rasa x --domain domain to specify the domain folder.

Another thing. I want to connect to custom channels (website and mobile app). So I need to enter both rasa run actions --cors "*" and rasa run --enable-api --cors "*" (is that right?), but this is also for a local installation.

I have deployed Rasa X using Quick-Install with an Action Server DockerHub Image. How do I do those two things? Meaning, how do I:

  • Specify a domain folder
  • Open a connexion for custom connectors

Or, more generally, on a Server Quick-Install, how do I specify the flags for Rasa X and the Action Server that I would otherwise write on the terminal in a Local Installation?

Since nobody replied and I couldn’t find an answer, I decided to go back to a single domain file meanwhile.

But left the domain folder in the root of the project just in case, which means the folder was also uploaded on the GitHub repo which the server’s Rasa X pulls from.

So, on the server, I went to Rasa X’s “Domain” tab, only to find out that it automatically detected all the domain files in the folder as well as the original one.

So that’s solved :slight_smile:

As for the other part of the question, I posted it in a separate topic.