Specifying path to domain file in Rasa X

Rasa supports --data for nlu and stories data, but it doesn’t seem to support -d domain.yml.

How can I point rasa x at a non-default domain.yml?

What command are you running with Rasa X? --domain works for rasa commands, for e.g. training

I am running:

rasa x --data data/scenario --domain data/scenario/domain.yml

The error I see is:

rasa: error: unrecognized arguments: -d data/scenario/domain.yml

Rasa v1.3.7

BTW, the documentation for Rasa X does not show that the domain argument is valid.

You can’t pass the domain.yml to Rasa X via the command line. I did a blog post on this subject.

For the domain data, you can either:

  • Cut and paste it in the Rasa X UI
  • Import it with the API or the rasacli command line tool

Thanks Greg. Is it this url (Rasa X Data Import - Greg Stephens)… looks like you posted a local IP.

Do you know why it can’t get it from a different location like rasa train does?

Finally, what was your motivation for creating the CLI toolset? I’m not deep enough in this to know what problems it solves.

Thanks. I corrected the link above. It should be Rasa X Data Import - Greg Stephens