Spacy nlp for name extraction is not working

is there a way for spacy nlp to extract name …do we have to have another server running like duckling inorder for the spacy nlp to extract name for us?

Hello @faiza_conte! Can you tell us more about what isn’t working? What is your configuration, and what is the error or problem that you’re seeing?

I put everything that is found in the document for extracting name using spacynlp but when I try to make a conversation it wont extract name for me…assume when I use duckling for extracting time whether I put training nlu data or not still it would extract time…so if u want the names to be extracted without putting all possible names in the nlu training data just using spacynlp would it extract name for me ??

By the document, do you mean the instructions here?

if the config looks like this do i have to put the dimenstion for a entity person under spacy feuterizer?

Yes, if you just want to extract person names, you can include the dimension. If you don’t configure the dimensions, it will extract all types by default; see the documentation. You should be able to see that NLU is picking up the entities by running rasa shell nlu. To use them in your bot, you’ll need to add them to your domain, and create relevant slots. See for example the answer to this question.

@alopez here it is not detecting the name…it will just map the name with the other entities.see the picture:

Hi did you solve your problem?