[Solution] WhatsApp/SMS/USSD Integration with RASA

Hi All! Facing issues to integrate your rasa chatbot with WhatsApp, SMS, USSD due to lack of support of buttons across these platforms. I developed a solution for this problem. I Boyinapalli Sandeep Dora wrote an API that accepts rasa data format that is

     message : "",
     sender: "",
     metadata: {}

And converts the buttons, text, image into a beautiful format:

0 Button 1
1 Button 2
2 Button 3

And also converts the number 0 or 1 or 2 into rasa’s button payload. And vice-versa.

Check my GitHub Repo: https://github.com/LEAGUEDORA/rasa-whatsapp-addon All you need to do is point out the messaging service callback URL to :5000/incoming and convert the message receiving part in the whatsapp.py file.

If you are facing any issues, create an issue in my GitHub repo

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Awesome, thank you for sharing this!

Thank you, Chris. I also wrote to RASA Team and suggested them to modify the code and add this into their channels, so that users can have seamless integration with whatsapp

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Thank you for solving this issue of rasa chatbot integration with WhatsApp… But I would like to know is it possible to integrate rasa chatbot with a WhatsApp third party app like this gb whatsapp?..thanks…