Slot value filling

I have a slot defined as mrdnumber or patitent number. I am expecting user to input any number here. When the slot value is entered looks like it is accepting only the values which i have defined in the as entity and value for ex: book an appointment for [19991] (mrdnumber). Once trained, it is accepting the value 19991 but any other values it goes to fallback policy What is the way out? user may input any value which we may not know and we can’t have all those values to be defined in

Is your number a fixed length number? If so, you can also define regex for it.

or you can use duckling pipeline to extract the numbers entered

If you are still confused, just look at the example of ‘AI healthcare chatbot’ and see how the postal code is being trained in their file.

Thanks. It is fixed length of 6 digits. Where do I see ‘AI healthcare chatbot’ example ?

just look at the end of this file for regex.