Slot save with Redis but not InMemoryTrackerStore

The title of the topic is not really clear, but here is my problem : I override the tracker/events route to create mine, when I use the Redis tracker it’s working (the slot is corretly set and taking into account in the other routes), but when I use the default tracker store, I got a JSON saying the slot is correctly set, but then when I request conversations/default/tracker, the slot is set to None.

Is there a difference between those two trackers that could explain it ? I set my tracker like that :

_endpoints = AvailableEndpoints.read_endpoints(os.environ['RASA_CORE_ENDPOINTS_CUSTOM_CHANNEL'])
        _broker = PikaProducer.from_endpoint_config(_endpoints.event_broker)
        _tracker_store = TrackerStore.find_tracker_store(None, _endpoints.tracker_store, _broker)
        _nlu = NaturalLanguageInterpreter.create(os.environ['RASA_NLU_MODEL'], _endpoints.nlu)
        self.agent = load_agent(os.environ['RASA_CORE_MODEL_CUSTOM_CHANNEL'],

_endspoint.tracker_store is Redis or None, dependinf of the situation. The other variable are just pointing to the correct model / endpoints.

How do you request the conversation tracker? Are you using the HTTP endpoint?

Hum I was using both the http endpoint for the conversation tracker and the tracker in custom action for the slot.

But I have delete this route since then, so the topic is no longer relevant