Problem with tracker store

I’m using redis tracker store for saving the conversations between bot and user in redis. This is the code- #domain = path to the domain.yml file tracker_store = RedisTrackerStore(domain, host=‘localhost’, port=6379, db=0, password=None, event_broker=None, record_exp=None) rasa_tracker = tracker_store.create_tracker(message_id,True) tracker = tracker_store.retrieve(message_id) print(json.dumps(tracker.current_state(), indent=2))

The output-

{ “sender_id”: “b283173-1407-4ba0”, “slots”: {}, “latest_message”: { “intent”: {}, “entities”: [], “text”: null, “message_id”: null, “metadata”: {} }, “latest_event_time”: 1621417623.127929, “followup_action”: null, “paused”: false, “events”: null, “latest_input_channel”: null, “active_loop”: {}, “latest_action”: { “action_name”: “action_listen” }, “latest_action_name”: “action_listen”

Why the user text and intent matched is empty? Please help me with what is required to be done regarding this issue

Hi @arushi could you please clarify if the argument message_id in rasa_tracker = tracker_store.create_tracker(message_id,True) refers to the conversation id or sender_id or to the UserUttered event attribute message_id? What was your intention?