Slot Mappings Confidence Threshold


in the slot_mappings method you can define how slots should be filled, e.g. from_text and provide conditions like not_intent.

Is there any way to provide an intent confidence threshold? In my opinion this would make a lot of sense but I cant find a way to implement it.

E.g. aborting a ticket form because a abort intent is classified with like 0.2 confidence might not be the smartest behaviour.

You can take a look at the Fallback Policy. There you can define a threshold of confidence under which a fallback action is executed. Then, in your example, the abort intent would be classified but not immediately abort you form and instead resulting in your fallback action.

I know the Fallback Policy but when the Fallback Action is triggered I still cannot continue the form. When I would re-enter the form (in stories) and input the same value, the Fallback Action is going to be triggered again. So this is not a solution for the issue. Thanks anyway!