Is there a way to set confident threshold for entity slot filling ? (not just inside FormAction)

The entity may not accurate enough to fill one slot sometimes, so is there a way to set up a threshold for entity slot filling.

For example,

"intent": {
        "name": "ask_shipping_price",
        "confidence": 0.9011044502258301
    "entities": [
            "start": 0,
            "end": 3,
            "value": "California",
            "entity": "city",
            "confidence": 0.46318633708583556,
            "extractor": "ner_crf"

The intent confident is enough in above case and we can use fallback action to ensure the recognization of intent by nlu_threshold.

above just an example to tell the question scenery, State “California” is not a city but may be mis-recognized by NER.

However, the entity part is not confident enough (just 0.46), is there a way to consider entity confident in rasa-core when automatically slot filling? or rasa-nlu ( some parameters in “ner_crf”) ?



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for automatic slot filling no, but automatic slot filling can be disabled and you can do the check in custom action

do you know how to disable the automatic slot filling. could you help point out the right document ? Thank you!

In domain.yml under slots. E.g. Assuming your slot is called person_city, you can do

    auto_fill: false