Slot mapping in the FormBot example


Just started using NLU + Core and I want to use FormBot as the starting point, however I am confused by some of the slot filling stuff.

Essentially what I want to do is add this to the

“- i want chinese food for 5 sitting outside

The problem is it fails to pull the seating entity into the outside_seating slot and I don’t understand why. The NLU correctly extracts the entity, but i don’t understand well enough yet how the slot mapping works (I had assumed the existing dict in would be sufficient)

I have attached the debugger output of the form

Additionally, i find that if I give an invalid num_people it throws a ‘failed to validate’ error rather than using the ‘utter_wrong_num_people’ call.

Thanks in advance! G.

Hm, can you try changing the name of the outdoor_seating slot to seating? Then this slot will auto-fill, which should hopefully fix your problem. Also if you update your sdk to the latest version, that might do it too (validation at the beginning of forms got some new upgrades).