Entity is not mapped to slot properly

Interactive leaning screenshot:

Debug log for my custom actions.py: My actions.py actions.py (4.2 KB)

My domain.yml domain.yml (2.7 KB)

I want to know why the “seating” entity is not extracted properly or why is not mapped to the outdoor_seating slot properly, but the “cuisine” and “num_people” entities is mapped very well.

any help is appreciated! @Juste

EDIT: I found the outdoor_seating could be mapped to slot properly when i change the entity name from “seating” to “outdoor_seating”. Is that true only when the entity name and the slot name are the same, the entity can be mapped to slot properly ? the following screenshot is what i expect.

Hi jianjunchang, can you try changing the outdoor_seating’s auto_fill = true in domain.yml and see how it goes ?

ok, i will try your advice

but the other two entities “cuisine” and “num_people” is mapped properly, and they are all setted auto_fill = false, i think the “outdoor_seating” should be the same as them.

“cuisine” and “num_people” have the same names with their corresponding slots, while “seating” to “outdoor_seating” is not. So maybe when the bot picked up the first 2 entities it put them in their corresponding slots, but not for “seating” without auto_fill = true ? It’s just a guess from me though, did it work for you ?

yes, i have the same guess, and i have try to change the entity name to be same with the slot name, and i have edit the thread description. thanks for your help.

One thing though, i’m pretty sure slots can be set with entities which don’t have the same name as them, using custom slots mapping like you did. I just don’t know why it didn’t work for you.

Hi @fuih i think i have found the reason which cause the mapping error in the FormAction source code.