Slot Management Strategy and Best Practices

Hey Rasa community! :raised_hands:

I’m a newbie diving into the world of Rasa, and I’ve hit a bit of a snag with slot management. I’ve been trying to grasp how slots and their attributes work, but I’m finding it a tad challenging to manage slot values within the same session. Let me paint a picture:

Imagine a user asking the bot: “Find me Pizza restaurants near downtown Seattle, WA.” The slots get filled as:

  • from_entity = restaurant_type = ‘pizza’
  • street = ‘downtown’
  • city = ‘seattle’
  • state = ‘WA’

But then, plot twist! The user changes their mind and says: “Actually, I want Italian near Pike Market, Seattle, WA.”

The challenge I’m facing is how users can specify a location. Sometimes, it’s a full address; other times, it is just a landmark or area. And when they switch up the location in the same session, syncing the slots with the new intent is tricky.

Has anyone faced something similar? Any tips or best practices to share? I’d be super grateful for any insights or guidance. :pray:

Cheers and thanks in advance!